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सोमवार कल्याण मटका सिंगल जोड़ी 31 पास और CLOSE PATTI 236 पस हुई पूरी जनता के सामने
दिनांक:- *17-May-2022 -मंगलवार
सिंगल अचुक जोड़ी
एडवांस फीस रस 2000 कॉल - *Bond Dada*
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DATE:- 17/05/2022

SRIDEVI 5 (( 0 )) 3 8
TIME BAZAR 1 6 (( 4 )) 9
MADHUR DAY 2 7 5 0
MILAN DAY 2 7 1 6
KALYAN 1 6 4 9
दोस्त हमारे गेम {{free public seva}} काफ़ी टाइम से डेली ओपन टू क्लोज़ पास होते आ रहे हैं कभी कभी फैल भी हो जाये तो टेन्शन ना लेना ,क्यूँकि इस साइट पर आपको बेस्ट प्रॉफ़िट मिलेगा
Satta Matka Guessing
Aaj Ka Date Fix Matka Game


OPEN : 5 (( 0 )) 3 8

Panna : CLOSE 0 PASS



OPEN : 1 6 (( 4 )) 9

Panna : CLOSE 4 PASS



OPEN : 24680

Panna : ***

Jodi : ***


OPEN : 2 7 5 0

Panna : 129 179 159 190

Jodi : 25 52 57 75 70 07 02 20


OPEN : 2 7 3 8

Panna : 129 179 139 189



OPEN : 3 8 4 9

Panna : 157 170 577 770



OPEN : 2 7 1 6

Panna : 480 458 349 489



OPEN1 : ***

Panna : ***

Jodi : ***


OPEN : 1 6 4 9

Panna : 290 259 257 270



OPEN : ***

Panna : ***

Jodi : ***


OPEN : ***

Panna : ***

Jodi : ***


OPEN : ***

Panna : ***

Jodi : ***


OPEN : ***

Panna : ***

Jodi : ***


OPEN : ***

Panna : ***

Jodi : ***


OPEN : ***

Panna : ***

Jodi : ***


OPEN : ***

Panna : ***

Jodi : ***


OPEN : ***

Panna : ***

Jodi : ***

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SattaMatka: A Game of Your Skills

Satta Matka is an interesting ancient game which is based on betting. Nowadays people love it paying online. It is played online through many apps and websites like Kalyan Matka Bazar although it is not legal in India but it comes under one of the major businesses. Large number of people play this game through our website and earn lakhs of rupees at a time. Player has to choose one number out of money number available to him and has to play bet on that number. Now here you have to choose number as per your choice, which on winning can make you earn a lot of money. On winning this game you will be called as King or “Satta Matka”. Many types of game are played in Matka Bazar like Milan day, Milan Night, Rajdhani Day, Rajdhani Night, Bhagyalaximi, Sagar Day, Day Worli, Super Kalyan and many more.

All About Satta Matka
The origin of Satta Matka in India is supposed from even before freedom. Satta Matka is a traditional game which was invented and developed in India. This was the most popular and widely played game in 90’s. Some people believe it as a luck based game but it is more a game of experts that’s why on looking at record’s same people win many times. People who are not experts in this game also play it by taking the help of experts. You can also find experts from our website. But one should not play solely depending on luck, probability of loosing the game in this case will be higher.
How To Play Satta Matka?
Till now, we got a point of all these games that they are based on the selection of a number. In Satta Matka a person has to choose a number and then he bids his money, amount can be of his can choice. If his prediction turns right and same number comes which he had chosen then he is considered as winner and gets all his bidding money back in addition to that he also gets the money of all those person whose perdictions were false and also from those who loose money. In this way people try their luck in Satta Matka and get lakhs of money while other loose their money if they play with lack of knowledge and information.
Kalyan Matka Information
Kalyan Matka is also a fromat of Satta Matka and is a same gambling game. Same as Satta Matka game here also a person has to play on a choosen number. Here winning amount depends on bidding money on that number. Kalyan or Satta Matka was popularised in India by mainly Kalyan Bhagat and Ratan Khatri. Even today they are known as matka masters or matka experts. Eariler Kalyan Matka games were operable in all days of week. Then some changes had been introducrd in matka game after that new Worli Matka was introduced in 1964 by Ratan Khatri. This Ratan’s made Matka also known as Kalyan Matka is now playable or operable in 5 days of week, that is, Monday to Friday. Modern Matka game is played online and its main centres are Maharashtra and Gujarat. Many of terms are used in this game whose meanings are necessary to understand. Most of terms with their meanings are mentioned in our home page’s FAQ section.
Matka Result Availability
We have already mentioned the process of playing this game. When a player after playing it, wish to check the result, then this facility is also available online through many websites like Kalyan Matka Bazar. Now, it is not a difficult task to know the result as it was in old days.
Satta Matka Result
This is a betting in which if luck and trick goes to your favour it can make you win even crores of money within a day. Satta Matka Results are available online. We offer many types of satta games like Kuber Matka, Satta Matka, Kalyan Satta etc. Out of all, Kalyan Satta is the most popular. Organisers of this game give freedom to their players to play it online from your mobile or computer. For this we can check Kalyan Chart (also available online). In kalyan night chart, one can check winning or loosing stats and to see your lottery number you have to prefer Kalyan Panel Chart. Kalyan Chart also tells us about Kalyan jodi beside Kalyan Result. Whole game of Kalyan Satta Matka runs on the basis of Kalyan Jodi chart and Kalyan Matka Result Today. If you choose right predicted number and jodi of Kalyan Day Panel Chart then most probably you win. Kalyan Matka can be operable in day and night which can be played anytime. Result of Kalyan fix jodi get published everyday in its website by agents in which we can check the following : Kalyan Matka, Kalyan Satta Matka, Satta Matka, Kalyan weekly jodi, Kalyan Main Matka, Kalyan Matka Bazar, Matka Satta Ratan Kalyan Chart, Kalyan Open Result.
Satta Matka Tricks
Now we will look at tips or tricks through which we can play it more precisely. (I) Method of choosing the number You have to choose number between 0 to 9. For example if you have choosen 5, 6 and 4 to make it more interesting these numbers are added like, (5 + 6 + 4) = 15, but according to its bidding rule you have to use the last digit of number that you got after addition in our case that number is 5 that is (5, 6, 4*5) in the same way group of the number can be prepared. (II) Method of Calculating Winning Amount (Consider bidding amount as 10) ● If first draw result gets declared same as your selected number. Then you will get 9 x 10= 90 Rs. for bidding your money as winning amount, according to rules. ● In the same way, if your number comes in 2nd draw, you will get 90 x 10= 900 Rs. According to your bet. ● For third or last round, 1st and 3rd digit of draw numbers selected by you should be same. If this happens, you will get 90 x 10= 900 Rs. Conclusion : Satta Matka is entirely the game of digits. Only going depending on luck can be risky. It is just like the challenging numericals of maths with probability. It has its own rules which are necessary to know for getting the win side. Before getting into this game, you should know anything about it.

About My Satta Matka Website is one of the leading and most trusted website in the Satta Matka Gaming Industry. provide you all the information that you need to win the game. We provide different ancient charts which help you in winning the game and become reach. At you get live update on dp boss satta matka madhur bazar satta matta matka madhur day matka result final ank kalyan panel chart satta matta matka result satta batta matka boss tara matka matka satta satta matta matka 143 madhur result sattamatkà golden matka matka guessing indianmatka madhur satta satta matka result dp boss net dp matka 220patti satta chart matka 420 satta m sattamatkà result boss matka madhur satta matka main bazar chart milan day chart kalyan night chart satta matka king milan matka satta 143 madhur morning milan night chart sattamataka143 matka finaĺ today satta matķa matka game matkaindia net Sridevi Matka, Mumbai Matka, Rajdhani Matka and more. We also provide Live and Fastest update on madhur matka madhurmatka main ratan panel chart satt matka satta main matka result dp satta time bazar chart kalyan chart kalyan satta kalyan result kalyan satta matka kalyan matkà kalyan open kalyan final kalyan result today kalyan matka result kalyan final ank kalyan matka chart kalyan night satta matta matka kalyan satta kalyan kalyan 143 kalyan today satta kalyan chart kalyan bazar kalyan day chart kalyan satta matta matka kalyan Guessing Number, Charts and metrics which allow you to Win. Our guessing forum gives you fastest update on satta matka guessing number and it is calculated by the best player in the satta matka industry who has experience more than 20 years. Join our Vip Guessing from now to get live update on satta matka kalyan chart satta matta matka kalyan chart dp matka kalyan kalyan dp boss milan kalyan kalyan matkà result today kalyan final today kalyan jodi chart boss matkà kalyan satta matta matka kalyan chart today satta matka kalyan result satta matta matka kalyan final satta matta matka kalyan open satta matta matka kalyan result kalyan night result kalyan chart night kalyan chart open satta matta matka kalyan result today live stta mtta klyan kalyan matka open kalyan matka open kalyan night panel chart kalyan open to close main kalyan chart night kalyan chart kalyan ka chart kalyan satta result kalyan chart 2020 kalyan chart 2021 mumbai kalyan matka Madhur Matka, Mumbai Matka, Indian Matka, Guessing number and Charts on your number.

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to get daily updates of all Satta Matka games available in different markets like Kalyan Matka, Tara Matka, Boss Matka and many more. Many people don’t know the process of playing this Matka game. So we also help them by providing Fix Fix Satta Nambar, Fix Fix Wapka Matka Boss etc. if you are regular player of this game then you must want to know about Matka Result of all games like Fix Fix Wapka Matka Result and also the result of the other market like Kalyan Matka 143 and Boss Matka 143. fix fix wapka matka Since beginners find it difficult to get familiar with this game so for them we update regularly the most recent and advanced Fix Matka Tips and Tricks of Satta Matka Number. Those who are not beginners or are at intermediate level of this game needs Matka Guessing to know their sure Matka or Fix Matka Number which is also provided in our site by experts
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Welcome To World Top Satta Matka Website Here You Get Fast Matka Result Faster Than Matka And Other All Matka Record Chart Correct Updated On Result Time Watch For Guesser And All Matka Market User.

Tara Matka

Since beginners find it difficult to get familiar with this game so for them we update regularly the most recent and advanced Fix Matka Tips and Tricks of Satta Matka Number. Those who are not beginners or are at intermediate level of this game needs Matka Guessing to know their sure Matka or Fix Matka Number which is also provided in our site by experts. Some people try to do Matka Guessing or want to find Boss Matka Trick on their own without the help of experts. So they search for the charts of game like Tara Matka Chart, Kalyan Chart, Time Bazar Chart, Rajdhani Day Chart etc. On scrolling down our home page you will also find all the different types of panel charts. All of them are available in our website with the most updated content. You need the fastest result of all Matka game to sharpen your move. This website along with Matkaji.Net helps the people to get Aaj Ka Date Fix Satta Matka Number. Many of the time it has been noticed that players know the basic of game without getting about the Matka Time Bazar, yes all different markets of Matka world like Main Sridevi, Madhur Day, Madhur Night etc. have different time to bet, after that you can’t bet on them. That’s why knowing the the absolute time of open and close is must that is given in this site. If you take help from our experts they will give you VIP Matka that includes Jodi Chart and Panel Chart which has high probability of outcoming in draw. If you want free services then ourGuessing Matka forumis also available for you. One of the unique thing our website offers is free knowledge of all different Matka Bazar and the paid help from the Matka experts from us can give you guaranteed win and may lead you to become a next Satta King. Satta King is a term that is used for Matka player who have won many deals by a great margin or one who became an expert of Matka tricks or ank. Our recent blogs about Satta Matka 143, Boss Satta Matka and others are available in that will help you immensely about A to Z of Matka game. If you are the owner of any Matka Market you can also contact us to add you market updates that must includes the your Matka Chart, Weekly Matka Chart and Matka Result in our website

What is Satta Number?

Satta Number is a type of digit which we choose if we play theMatka Game. This game is totally based on number. The digit that we choose, we have to bet on that number generally, option of choosing number from 0 to 9 are available. We have to choose numbers thrice, so in this way we have got a three digit number, which is known as Satta Number.

How to release Matka Bracket?

In the above section we had learnt choosing the three digit numbers, now all the digits of that three digit number are added and last digit is chosen from
the result. Just suppose you have chosen 5, 8 and 4 . Now add them 5 + 8 + 4 = 17 here last digit of result (17) is 7
Now this will be the number on which you bet and if it comes in draw you will win. Releasing Matka bracket means finding the jodi number. If you want to
bet on jodi then you have to chose 3 numbers from 0 to 9 twice. If a person choose once 5, 8, 4 and second time he choose 6 , 4 , 8. Now add them both and find there betting number individually.
5 + 8 + 4 = 17 here 7 is the betting number
6 + 4 + 8 = 18 here 8 is the betting number
Jodi is equal to 78 Here we will bet on two digit number and that two digit number will be the combination of above betting number that is 78.
You will see the card in the following way. [5, 8, 4 *7 X 6, 4, 8*8]

How to play Satta Matka?

Now we have already got familiar with many process ofSattaMatka Game in previous section of this article. Here a person has to choose a number from 0 to 9 and bet on that number if that number comes in result of draw he will win.Not only you can play on single digit if you want more margin or profit you can play on two numbers by predicting them. This is a lottery based game which is played by algorithm if you are decent enough in mathematics and reasoning there are higher chances of your winning this game. Matka Game can be played online through mobile application and websites like MatkaJi.Net playing with websites are preferred more over mobile apps.

How Can I guess Fix MAtka Number Daily?

If you get successful in guessing the number of upcoming draw surely you will keep winning. This is known as Matka Guessing and it can be done by analysing the chart of whole week and analyse the relation and algorithm between the result or draw of 1st draw with other days. Apply that trick or algorithm for the upcoming draw. Note that these algorithm are weekly based so there will be no any point in preparing the monthly chart and analysing it. If you find it difficult to prepare chart you can take the help of experts from our website. Suppose you are preparing the chart by your own then for that purpose you will need result of days of week so you will start looking for result of week, for that purpose we provide daily results in our website. If you find any difficulty you can contact us vis call orwhatsapp.

What time Kalyan Matka Open Comes?

Now when you have make your mood to play this game and you visit any site, but you are unable to bet as you are late. So knowing this which market opens at what time and closes at which time is necessary. So in this section we will know about open of Kalyan. The time of Kalyan Open starts from 4:15 pm and the close time comes around 6:15 pm. If you want to bet in open ank then you have to bet before half hours of 4:15 pm or coming of Kalyan Open.

How to win in Matka?

To win in Matka Game, the first thing that you have to do this is stop depending upon luck, play by analysing and your steps should be calculated enough. Always find a website to play. Don’t play it too often as no one can win all the game of SattaMatka.So set your target, that how many games you have to win atleast. If you are new always start with small amount. There is a famous saying “learning is earning”, so first learn each and everything about this game, read blogs of our websitein which we have given the full knowledge of SattaMatka Game completely, then start playing. Never ever become greedy even if you are winning daily, always bet small amount in the either situation you can loose all your money which can be dangerous for you. Don’t get demotivated if you don’t win, keep playing with small amounts as the winning amount is impressive so definitely your future will shine some day and you will win big amount.

How Can I get Matka Payment?

SattaMatka world is famous for two things first one is changing the fortune of people and second is their honest responsiveness in terms of paying winning amount. So you should not doubt about your money if you win, you will get your money in your bank account within an hour. If you play wish website, you have to provide either your Phonepe number or your bank details for the payment purpose in future. If you play from mobile application then the payment procedure is also same but most of the time they set a limit on withdrawal of amount. For example, first you have to deposit 500 rs to play and if withdrawal limit of app is 1000 rs and you win 900 rs, you can’t withdraw that amount. You have to play again and when total winning amount becomes more than 1000 rs. in your mobile application wallet you can withdraw it without any hassle.Satta Matka Matkaji with the most trusted Matka Result website in the industry. Fix Wapka Matka Result is one of the oldest games in indian Matka history and was started by matka king ratan khatri Matka King . We being the decendents of ratan khatri are making the Matka Result play industry a better place for Matka Result!! Junction of Matka Game

If you have reached up to here, you must have been well aware with the methods of playing Satta Matka game and its kinds. And in case, if you don’t know then you are at right place where you will know everything about this game. Basically,

Satta Matka

is a gambling game that is played only online these days with the help of mobile applications or websites, on which a player has to bet on numbers which can be of 1, 2 or 3 digits. If this betted or guessed number comes after the declaration of result then the player will be considered as winner and will get the winning amount in his bank through the app or website from which he is playing and if other numbers come then player will loss his betted money. But before betting or paying money to apps or websites to play this game one must check its genuineness. To check the authenticity of apps and websites you must look for the contact details of admin as most of the fraudsters hide their identity and contact details. Some of the genuine websites includes Kalyan Matka Bazar,, Indian Matka. Results of all satta matka games are known as draw. But this guessing is not as much simple as this sounds. Many people just use hit and trial methods to guess the number that is going to be declared in draw, which make them run into the losses. There is direct hidden algorithm between the result of previous 5 draw or result and the result of sixth day. If you succeed in revealing the algorithm or understanding the trick behind it then you will guess the number with more accuracy and probability of winning would be higher. This algorithm or trick does not remain same all the time for example if your algorithm makes you win in todays game then it is not necessary that this trick will make you win tomorrow also. If you master yourself in finding the algorithm of these games then you will be considered as MatkaBoss SattaBatta and you can work on decent salary for any Matka Tips and tricks giving platform.

How can i get perfet Matka Result?

As you have already known the importance of Matka Result even if you had not played last game then also its result matters to know the algorithm between previous five games. So, you have to know the correct matka result which can be found in our website Sometimes you will find it hard to find the algorithm even after knowing the result then for this case we provide free tricks for your game. Our paid trick is highly reliable and it has the one of the highest numbers of correct guesses. To get free or paid any kind of help regarding this game you can call us or message us on whatsapp in +917470684448. This game can not be played free of cost, there is little amount of bidding amount involved as seen in every gambling game. In this article we have not covered all aspects of playing satta matka game completely but we have added the areas that you have to master to get sure winning. The first thing any beginner will have to know before playing this game is Matka Terminologies like single, jodi, panna, open, close, Time Bazar Siridevi Day/ Night Madhur Day |/ Madhur Night Manipur / Supreme Day Night etc. without knowing these terminologies you can’t play this game. Now you must have a question in your mind- where to get to know about these terminologies clearly? As there will be rarely any information about it on Internet. So, we have a solution for this too also. Click on the link and scroll down the page to read the questions and answers section at the bottom of this page. Next thing that you should know is about winning money as for guessing which is based on a single number gives less revenue while guessing on a high digit number gives extremely high returns. Generally, betting on a single digit number gives the 9 times of bidding amount i.e., if you bet 1 rupee and you win then you will get 9 rupees as a winning money.

What is the History behined Kalyan Matka?

Satta Matka has many kinds of games within it with each one of them having slightly different rule. Some of its kinds are Rajdhani Matka, DPBoss Matka, Madhur Matka, Kalyan Matka and many more. But out of all these the most popular one is Kalyan Matka. Its name is derived from the famous icon of India in matka game world Kalyan Ji Bhagat. He was also known as “The Matka King” or “The Satta King”. He made matka game highly popular in India and his kalyan matka was launched in 1962 which is also known by the name Worli Matka. The reason of its popularity was that all classes of society either rich or poor can play this game without any high fixed bidding amount. Market of kalyan matka has different open and close timings than other matka bazar. Its charts are also separately availed by different websites including ours. One should also look for its different rules which are nearly same for all places but known by different names for example the one which is being played in Mumbai is known as Worli Mumbai and so on. Running on to the conclusion, whether it is legal or not, whether one should play it or not? So, in many countries this game is legal. But if you try to play it offline that can lend you in trouble whereas online it is legally approved in many cities, for better information you should check laws of your local area. If you are tired from your life, nothing is happening good, low in wealth and want to try your luck that can change your fortune then you should try it playing atleast once. But by keeping in mind that this game is not based entirely on luck but it needs good algorithm understanding also.
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What Is Dpboss Satta Matka

Dpboss Satta Matka

Satta Matka or Matka Bazar has Many different games with different names and one of them is Dpboss Satta Matka. But the main process of playing all Matka Games are almost similar and the thing that differs in different bazar or various Matka Games are their winning amount. It has Patti or Cards with names like cycle patti, motor patti etc. Here you are being provided with Dpboss matka information, all their results, and their charts for analysis.

Fix fix Wapka Matka

If you play Satta Matka online then you must have listened about the term Fix Fix Wapka Matka or Fix Fix Satta Matka very frequently. Also you would probably know about that getting familiar with rules and terms-condition is necessary. If you want to learn the method of Satta Matka then you can learn it from our website. It has Cut Ank through which we find a particular number and bet on it. In this way we can determine Cut Ank for Monday to Saturday.

Surya Matka : Not a Game

After listening ‘Surya Matka’ it might sound you like Satta Matka Game. But the fact is, this is not a game, instead it is a trick or method through which you can play any matka game and can easily determine Matka Cut Ank. For it, you should know about Cut Ank then you have to jump in this ‘Surya Matka Guessing’.

Tara Matka

Tara Matka is another type of Satta Game. It is an alternative of Satta Matka which can played in same way as Satta Matka is played. This has made its own place in Matka Game world in the recent years. People play it like Kalyan Matka. Lakhs of people around the world play Tara Satta Matka and earn their living. It tells us about Matka Result, Kalyan Final Ank, Tara Open, Final Ank C, Tara Result, Tara Matka Satta, Matka Final, Indian Matka, Dpboss Matka, Kapil Final Ank.

Madhur Matka

Madhur Matka is also a from of Satta which is also known as Madhur Satta Matka name. This game depends on tricks as well as luck. If with rules your luck favors you, you can win lakhs of money through Madhur Satta Matka. Madhur Bazar is entirely dependent on lottery system. It is being played since 1960. It is a game of numbers or number based game in which you have to choose same numbers and play bet on them. Madhur Bazar is divided in three phase : Madhur Morning Madhur Day Madhur Night & also each of them have different open and close time. Kapil Matka or Kapil Satta Matka : It is also known by the name Kapil Matka 143. It is a type of guessing of Satta Matka in which we are provided Open Ank Jodi, Close Ank, Open Panna and Close Panna by the experts of Satta Matka for the guessing purpose. You can find experts from our website or through this number “07470684448”.

220 patti Matka

Now it is another guessing trick of Satta Matka through which Matka is being played. Many people are engaged in this guessing or trick. You can find all these guessing and also the results of all Matka within our site very fast. We also provide morning syndicate chart. It also has night chart. All these are available with us.

Matka Jodi

Although this is not a trick but surely this can be used as a trick by which we can analyse the previous declared results and winning probability of Monday to Saturday by making table and observing it very attentively. If you want to know the meaning of term ‘Jodi’ it is described in our frequently asked questions. We can check the jodi of all Matka Games.

Today Matka Number

People know it by another names depending on the location, like fix number, Aaj ka Matka number, Final Matka Ank, Today Kalyan, Today Matka. This is a trick that can help an individual in predicting the upcoming today’s matka number and can bet on that number which could make you win. By using this trick, chances of winning increases several times, and it is not an easy trick, you should look for experts to know this trick. This can entirely co-related with Aaj ka date Fix Matka.

Leak Matka Jodi

Another names for Leak Matka Jodi for different region and different markets are Satta Matka Leak, Satta Matka, Jodi Leak, Satta Matka Results, Top Matka Guessing Tip. Leak Matka helps us in determining the pair which is also known as jodi by guessing or sometime when rumor suggests its leak data, after hearing this, players start betting on high numbers in that leaked Jodi.

Matka Tips

Matka tips are helpful in playing Matka Gambling Game more precisely. One should not get confused with Matka tips and Matka Guessing, the tips are meant for suggestion when you play from your own. Calculation of winning amount, selection of numbers, determining jodi, Cut out rate for agents and all these things come under Matka Tips.

Matka Guessing

As the name suggests, it includes all the method of guessing the numbers. Some of the methods like Kapil Matka 143 and Today Matka Number. Many more such guessing methods are available for different markets. Matka Guessing also proves helpful to know which number has maximum guessing and after that we can bet on that number. That can lead you to winning side. Many astrologers also claim to be expert of Matka Guessings.

Indian Matka

In the era of 90’s specially in Mumbai huge number of people started playing Indian Matka, the demand for it was on peak and Indian Matka become household name in the country as some people won big amount of money that lead to attraction of betting players in the greed of money. Also the credit goes to Ratan Khatri for popularising Indian Matka.

Satta King

As the term king means superior. In the context of this game, a person who has won money many times and has superior mathematical skills of Matka Trick is known as Satta King. Once a person becomes Satta King he becomes unstoppable in gambling world, sometimes that becomes risky.

Matka King

Some people might get confused with the term Satta King or Matka King and consider them same. But the fat is they both are different we already know about Satta King, now here we discuss about Matka King. A person who runs whole syndicate and network of Matka gambling world is known as ‘Matka King’. In India ‘Ratan Khatri’ used to be known as Matka King who died recently at the age of 88.

Satta Matka Market

Satta Matka Market in India was originated just before the independence and many changes were introduced with the passage of time. Here we have introduced you with some of the top Satta Matka market of India that includes following : Milan Day Kalyan Matka Rajdhani Night Matka Rajdhani Day Matka Morning Syndicate Kamdhenu Main Ratan Mumbai Market Day Madhur Matka Siridevi Day Night Main Bazar Suprime Day Night There are many more Matka Bazars are available but above mentioned are the most popular ones. Conclusion : There are many Matka Markets you just need to learn its trick and tips. If you are a beginner and want to play Matka Game, always look for the help of experts. As if you go without experience you may loose all your bidding amount.

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